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PFM is a leading supplier of data analytics and insights based on people flow. PFM offers its clients insight through a proprietary software platform combined with specialised hardware. By combining multiple data sources PFM creates solutions and insights to increase the conversion per m2 and per employee (the “offline Google analytics”).

The added value of PFM is generating insights such that clients can optimally allocate resources, increase offline conversion and employee efficiency, and measure the effect of online campaigns at (store) locations. Businesses are becoming more data-driven enabling them to make better and more informed decisions. PFM enables the coupling of offline data to online insights, which strongly matches the vision of Lexar Partners, to invest in the digital transformation within offline (retail) analytics and in companies which use technology to increase efficiency.

With the investment from Lexar Partners the European buy and build strategy can be further accelerated. Moreover, the management team will be strengthened and sales and marketing will be further developed.