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GNX provides global connectivity solutions with their unique and proprietary data platform LARA®. With this platform GNX enables its international customers to arrange connectivity anywhere in the world through a global network and where customers can arrange this via LARA®.

With over 4,000 local internet service providers, telecom providers and last-mile providers, GNX delivers connectivity to any location, cloud, office or data center in the world from a single contact, contract and direct service partner. With offices in Amsterdam, New York and Manila, GNX is able to provide 24/7 support.

As global enterprises increasingly embrace digital transformation, GNX is best positioned to support their efforts with their internet, private and cloud connectivity solutions. With LARA®, GNX compares connectivity vendors (such as telecom providers and managed service providers) among others on price and quality. This innovative solution in which GNX supplies connectivity via one central self-service platform, is strongly in line with Lexar’s vision

Founders Rutger Bevaart and Rick Mur started with GNX in 2018 and have experienced strong growth with their extensive industry expertise. The global expansion of GNX will be further accelerated with the financial- and strategic support from Lexar Partners.