in the digital transformation of tomorrow


Lexar Partners invests in the digital world of tomorrow. Businesses focused on innovation and digitalisation or those that are the frontrunners in a more traditional market by being digital pioneers. Game changers who realise impactful change.

We focus on digital transformation that positively impacts how we live, work and make decisions. Lexar responds by supporting organisations that embrace these trends with accelerated growth and further professionalisation. We do so by providing access to capital and guidance to support organisations on an accelerated growth path.

Building stronger businesses

Lexar is focused on organisations where value can be added in the transition to greater maturity. This includes organisations that are in a generally riskier phase of their development on the pathway to long-term continuity, or experiencing rapid development towards market dominance. These businesses typically are characterised by growing recurring revenue and profitability. In other words: businesses with a proven track record and plenty of growth potential. They are often in a transition phase from venture capital to private equity with a strong focus on accelerated growth.