digital transformation in educational resources
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Leermiddelen Webshop, particularly known from the label, is a software and e-commerce platform where senior secondary vocational education (mbo) students can purchase all the educational resources they need. Each participating mbo school provides its own personalised learning packages for their students in the secure webshop. acts as a full service platform taking care of all logistics and administrative processes. In this way, the education institution is totally relieved.

Since its foundation in 2017, has grown to the most complete and most innovative platform for educational resources with accompanying services. In co-creation with a significant portion of the mbo institutions in the Netherlands, constantly works on improvements to ensure studying remains accessible and affordable for every student wishing to pursue a rewarding profession. The solution offers educational institutions a clear overview, simplicity and efficiency.

MBOwebshop is a game changer when it comes to the digital transformation within the educational resources supply in the education sector. This is partly due to the rapid growth of the organisation. With the support of Lexar Partners, the further growth and development will continue. The plan is to expand to other educational levels and other organisations for which the Leermiddelen Webshop solution can make a difference.