About Lexar

The origin of Lexar

Lexar Partners is an independent investment firm founded on the energy that comes from making organisations more successful.

Founders Sander van Woerden and Max van de Blaak share this passion and together they possess a wealth of experience in the world of investments and entrepreneurship. The passion for digital transformation and investments developed early for both of them during their student years.

To them, Lexar is the place where an entrepreneurial investor and an investing entrepreneur join forces and, together with an amazing team and partners, offer the support they need to successfully accelerate organisations.

Support and growth capital for digital transformation

Lexar is focused on organisations where value can be added in the transition to greater maturity. This includes organisations that are in a generally riskier phase of their development on the pathway to long-term continuity, or experiencing rapid development towards market dominance. These businesses typically are characterised by growing recurring revenue and profitability. In other words: businesses with a proven track record and plenty of growth potential. They are often in a transition phase from venture capital to private equity with a strong focus on accelerated growth.

Investment focus

Together with the right teams and partners

We look for entrepreneurial and ambitious teams whenever we become involved in a new partnership. Typically, these are founders or existing management teams that want to guide an organisation into the next development phase. We do so based on a no-nonsense partnership, which ignites passion and joy. We like structured work built on a foundation of trust and pragmatic governance. We are partners alongside the teams behind the organisations we invest in. We stay optimistic and jointly draw up clear plans in a relaxed and informal atmosphere, even during challenging times.

Our approach

Our partnerships begin with a clearly defined business plan, formulated together with management and coordinated and approved prior to the transaction. The process ensures all parties have a clear insight into the partnership and beyond. We take several themes into consideration e.g., the future structure of the organisation, hiring plans and potential strategic takeovers. Using the jointly prepared business plan and the associated actions, we chart a clear path for all parties and model growth. We believe it is paramount to set the right priorities and expectations with a clear structure. We will systematically and periodically assess our progress and take appropriate measures when necessary. Our guiding principles are based on a clear structure, pragmatism and maintaining clear expectations for all parties. Our approach makes Lexar a strategic growth partner that supports and strengthens organisations in any desired area. In doing so, we create a strong foundation that allows us to accelerate growth together. This partnership makes organisations less vulnerable and more valuable.

Value creation, partnerships and focus on ESG

We do not only create value through growth and excellent financial results, but also with our focus on ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance). We strongly prefer investing in organisations that do their part to make the world a better place and we value businesses that offer their employees a pleasant working environment and operate with respect for the planet. We believe that happiness ultimately leads to the best results. Lexar firmly believes in sharing ownership, responsibility and results. We strive to stimulate positive entrepreneurship, cooperation, and employee satisfaction.