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One of a Kind Travel, consisting of the labels HuisHurenIbiza and Covered, is a leading platform for renting luxury villas in Ibiza and Mallorca. In addition, One of a Kind Travel offers additional concierge premium services, such as booking boats, rental cars, and chefs. With an comprehensive selection of luxury villas and a dedicated team, One of a Kind Travel provides an unforgettable holiday experience.

One of a Kind Travel is uniquely positioned with a focus on high-quality holiday homes and has become the market leader in Ibiza since its foundation in 2011. Compared to the established booking platforms, One of a Kind Travel distinguishes itself by offering a selected range of villas with only luxury accommodations, exclusivity on selected stays, and integration of premium concierge services. Through organic growth and an active buy & build strategy, in collaboration with Lexar Partners, One of a Kind Travel has the ambition to become the market leader in Europe while maintaining its local expertise.

Niels Keizer (CEO) has joined as a shareholder in addition to Lexar Partners and brings ample experience in technology platforms. Founder Reinoud ten Cate (CCO) founded One of a Kind Travel in 2011 and has extensive experience in the luxury villa rental market. Lexar Partners’ support will facilitate continued growth and enable the realisation of the intended European buy & build strategy.