digital transformation in mental health care
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OpenUp provides online mental health care to employees at various companies. For a fixed fee per employee, employees have access to various solutions to improve their mental health. This includes training courses, seminars and direct sessions with psychologists (mostly online) designed to improve their mental health.

Although the quality of healthcare in Western Europe is good, it is not always immediately available when one needs it. OpenUp gives people the opportunity to have an online meeting with a psychologist, often on the same day as requested. Besides their staff members, employers have the option to expand the services to their employees’ partners and children.

OpenUp is currently experiencing strong growth in several European countries and aspires to become Europe’s leading online mental health care platform.

The digital transformation in the healthcare sector appeals to Lexar Partners. By partnering with OpenUp, Lexar contributes to the effort of making mental health care more quickly accessible to more people. This, in turn, contributes to people’s happiness and helps reduce absenteeism due to mental health problems.